The ZebraSeis™ software package is propriety to Zebra Geosciences Ltd and has been developed specifically for borehole seismic data processing. The functionality of every module was defined by a team of experienced processors and coded by software developers familiar with VSP operations. Internal formats are not used, ZebraSeis™ modules output files in SEGY, LAS, ASCII or standard spreadsheets. Although a comprehensive tool kit is provided (module list), third party bespoke modules can be created by following a simple set of I/O rules; no need to share any confidential information with Zebra Geosciences.

ZebraSeis™ User Interface



 ZebraSeis™ Master Tree

  • Always at top left of window for quick access to any part of the workspace – data, flows, charts, tables, etc.

  • Colour coded nodes for branch, singular, parent, sibling

  • Access nodes by simple click

  • Rename data display nodes for easy job management


ZebraSeis™ Data Viewer