Checkshot & VSP Processing

Borehole seismic data can provide a wide variety of quantitative information to the geophysicist both on an individual well and on a field wide basis, however extracting the best results is a skilled task requiring experience and understanding of the data. You will never get the best from a borehole seismic data set simply by applying a standard processing route. To optimise the results from any VSP data set requires good survey design, an experienced processor giving careful thought to the best way to process the data to meet clearly defined objectives and a comprehensive, flexible, array of tools for processing and analysis of the data. Founded in 2002, Zebra Geosciences has the experience and in our proprietary ZebraSeis™ processing package, the tools to offer tailored processing to meet our customers’ requirements and time frames covering the following products:

• Rig source check shot (vertical or deviated well)

• Velocity log calibration

• Synthetic seismogram

• Rig source VSP (vertical or deviated well)

• Vertical Incidence (walkabove) VSP including Walk-Away Vertical-Incident VSP (WAVI-VSP)

• 2D Offset source, 2D Walkaway 

• Walkaway VSP (anisotropy)

• Walkaway VSP (AVO)

• AVO Synthetic seismograms

• 3D VSP

• Estimation of Q 

• Wavelet estimation and zero phasing of surface seismic data

• VSP trace Inversion

• Local inversion of surface seismic data controlled by parameters from the VSP

When a mode conversion is present.

• Calculation of shear wave interval velocity information

• Calibration of shear wave velocity logs

• Shear wave synthetic seismograms

• Shear wave corridor stack

• 2D & 3D shear wave imaging

Integration with surface seismic data and special projects

• Field wide studies, matching of data and velocity model building

• Identification of multiple patterns and multiple generators

• Use of parameters from the VSP to demultiple surface seismic data


All our processing tools are applicable to either newly recorded or legacy data and are offered on an individual well or field wide basis. We have access to specialist tools for dealing with legacy data even when only paper copies of field or processing reports are available.

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