Zebra Geosciences Limited has a focus on borehole seismic, especially VSP surveys. The main services offered are described briefly below. More details on any of these services can be obtained by following the links or e-mail an enquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Survey Planning 

Zebra do not provide a data acquisition service and consequently when planning surveys can offer impartial advice on "best for well" technology rather than being constrained by in-house equipment. With personnel who have more than 20 years VSP data acquisition experience in virtually all environments, we are able to advise what is physically practical in addition to what is geophysically desirable. 

Survey Processing 

Zebra Geosciences have the ability to correctly handle virtually all types of borehole seismic surveys (single or multi-component) including: 

• Rig Source VSP & Checkshot Surveys

• Deviated (or horizontal) Well VSP & Checkshot Surveys

• Offset Source, Walkaway & 3D VSP Surveys

• VSPs for Anisotropy Analysis and/or AVO Calibration

• Processing of DAS data

• Borehole to Borehole or Surface to Borehole Tomography Surveys

In many circumstances it may be possible to:

• Derive a shear wave velocity profile and identify formations where mode conversions take place

• Process shear wave energy to provide a shear wave reflection profile

• Measure high frequency loss with depth using Q analysis

• Perform an inversion of VSP data incorporating frequencies to less than 1Hz

• Accurately determine and if required correct the phase of surface seismic

• Apply parameters derived from a VSP at a well to local surface seismic data volumes

In almost all cases, we are able to re-process VSP data bringing the results up to modern and consistent standards with all results available for loading to an interpretation workstation even when the original data exists only on paper or on archaic magnetic media. 

Feel free to contact us if you need more information.